Friday, September 11, 2009

hi you are stupid hahaha...

From Tariq Al Omar:

Subject: hi

you are stupid hahaha
you are just scared because we muslims are getting stronger
face it you americans and israilis are getting weak and muslims are getting stronger
now thats a fact
you guys can laugh its just because you guys are scared
if people keep converting in these rates........
what can i say
Bye Kafir
Tariq Al Omar honey remember the name -_-

This video was attached to the email (notice the weapons on the table)
*Warning: Turn down the volume


Steve said...

Have you ever noticed how the Muslim preachers in these videos are always yelling? Why do they think that helps their message, given that I do have access to a volume control and therefore their yelling only serves to mangle the inflection of their voices rather than to actually affect the volume.


Nathaniel said...


IlovemyGod said...

Stupid? So you the thing that the most important thing is the rate of conversion? Really sweetie? I thought muslims spent alot of time praying and meditating by this post I can tell you are not doing either.